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Fenghua Hengyi Micro-Shaft Co., Ltd.
Add:Hui Ming Road, No. 138 Fenghua Economic Development Zone
Tel:0086-574-88955898 0574-88955892
Contact:Manager WU
Fenghua Hengyi Micro Shaft Co.,Ltd.is a firm by profession engaged in R&D, designing and producing precision minisize shafts and hardware components. It lies in the high & new technology Industrial Area of Fenghua City Ningbo China , china's coastal expressway Ningbo-Wenzhou section and is 15 kilometers from Ningbo International Airport and 25 kilo-meters from Beilun Port, an oriental giant port, it is great convenience in transportation.

For production needed, the company buy another area of 17000square meters and build the second factory for 30000 square meters.
Domestic Appliance Shaft

Domestic applicance shafts: asyncronous drain pump shaft, washing machine shaft, water pump shaft,a...

Auto Parts Shaft

The main Auto parts Shafts are : Rain wiper system shaft, Car window lifer motor shaft, Radiator co...

Electrical tools category axis motor
Material: stainless steel 303304316, carbon steel 45, 60, 70, 420 stainless iron, etc
Roundness: 0...
Office supplies parts category axis
Shafts of office appliance: CD/DVD shaft, Fan shaft,Printer shaft, Scanner shaft,Fan shaft.Etc
Medical Equipment category axis
(1) large equipment, such as CT, MRI, PET/CT and DSA.
(2) test analysis equipment, such as: bioche...
Other axes
Other axes
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Domestic Appliance Shaft
Auto Parts Shaft
Electrical tools category axis...
Office supplies parts category...
Medical Equipment category axi...
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